North Karelia is a paradise for hikers.  It offers thousand kilometres of hiking trails, which are unrivaled in their variety. Many of the trails have been in use for hundreds or even thousands of years – by Lapps following their reindeer herds and by Ladoga Karelian itinerant merchants.

Our guests have the chance to do different hikes in the forest independently, along marked trails (we provide maps if needed) or guided by us. It is possible to choose easy to difficult hikes, of different lengths, all surrounded by an unspoiled natural environment.

Some examples of hikes near our place:

* Satumetsä 2km – mini hike

Short and easy walk in our private trail, through the forest, marshes, and along a lake. A nice walk for relaxing and getting to know the natural environment.

** Änäkäinen- Saarijärven kierros 3km

A circular hike along the lake Saarijärvi, in a beautiful landscape shaped by glaciers. Two different natural environments on each side of the lake: a high pine forest and a low marshland area. Part of this hike follows the trail named Karhunpolku (Bear´s path).

***Karhunpolku 133km (the Bear´s Path)

The Bear´s Path hiking trail runs near the Russian border in North Karelia. It is part of the extensive Karelian Circular Trek, a thousand kilometer-long route network for outdoor activities. Part of the trail follows the banks of canoeing routes, the Ruunaa Rapids and the river Jongunjoki. The trail can be walked, bicycled, or skied either partly or entirely- in either direction. The trail is 133 km long and connected to several other trails. It runs along paths of varying quality, duckboards and forest roads, through uninhabited wilderness areas. We can arrange a tailor-made hike on karhunpolku, with the length desired by our guests. Along the trail, there are historical sites and restored battlefields from the second world war.

Karelian Circular Trail network

karjalan kierros

 Read the description of the Bear´s Path (Karhunpolku) hiking trail here:

The Bear´s path, North Karelia



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