1. How to get to Jongunjoki?


Our nearest Finnish airports are Joensuu (127 km), Kuopio (153 km) and Kajaani (166 km).
In all the airports it is possible to find car rental companies and taxi services that can bring guests to our door. We can also pick up our guests. Please book your transfers in advance to ensure availability.

By train or bus

Train and bus connections from the main cities of Finland are possible to find (check train schedules at www.vr.com , and bus schedules at www.matkahuolto.com). Our nearest train and bus station is Lieksa, located only 29km away from us. A taxi ride from Lieksa to Jongunjoki takes about 20 minutes. We can pick our guests from the train station. Please book transfers in advance to ensure availability.

Rent a Car

Driving in North Karelia is easy and safe. The roads are peaceful and scenic. All our nearest airports offer international car rental services.


Guests can request from us a transfer from the nearest airports, train and bus station. Please contact us well in advance in case of requiring this service.

 2- How far is Jongunjoen Matkailu from Koli National Park and other cities?

We are located 115km from Koli National Park by road, 50km by boat over the Lake Pielinen, and 50 km by ice-road in the winter (ice-road opening depends on weather conditions).

Other distances by road:

Helsinki 561 km

Kuopio 171 km

Nordkapp (Norway) 1159 km

Rovaniemi 388 km

St. Petersburg (Russia) 519 km

Oulu 332 km

Joensuu 130 km

3- How do I pay for my booking and consumption?

At ours, it is possible to pay by cash, Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro Debit and Credit cards. Google Pay is also enabled. An individual can pay for the accommodation with an invoice in advance via bank transfer. We invoice companies and associations if this has been previously agreed in connection with the booking.

4- What is the cancellation policy?

Majoituksen osalta noudatamme seuraavaa;
Huonemajoituksen voi perua veloituksetta kirjallisesti 7 vrk ennen varauksen alkua. Tämän jälkeen peruutusmaksu on yhden yön majoitusta vastaava summa.
Mökkivarauksen voi perua veloituksetta kirjallisesti 7 vrk varauksesta. Tämän jälkeen noudatamme ns. yleisten mökkivuokrausehtojen mukaista käytäntöä, enemmän kuin 1kk ennen varausta tapahtuneesta peruutuksesta veloitamme varausmaksun. Myöhemmin tapahtuvasta peruutuksesta veloitamme vuokramaksun. Asiakas voi halutessaan ostaa peruutusturvavakuutuksen matkavakuutuksensa yhteyteen.
Varausehdot kokonaisuudessaan ja poikkeukset peruutusehdoista on mainittu varausvahvistuksessa. Yksityistilaisuuksissa ja tapahtumissa noudatamme poikkeavia peruutusehtoja, jotka sovitaan tilaajan kanssa tilauksen yhteydessä.

5-How far is the nearest shop?

Some basic items you can find in our village´s cafeteria, located at 2,5km. The nearest supermarkets and stores are located in Lieksa, at about 30km. The is also a minimarket in Vieki, 20 km from our accommodation. For the guests arriving by public transportation and taking our transfer, we can offer a visit to the shops upon arrival. It is also possible to order groceries in advance from us.

6-Is your accommodation pet-friendly?

Our accommodation is pet friendly. Normally pets are allowed in our holiday house, on the ground floor. Because the accommodation for pets is limited, we ask you to make the booking well in advance.

7- Do you have camper or caravan parking places?

We don´t have overnight caravan or camper parking places. Guests can park a camper or caravan for a previously agreed amount of time, in case they are renting equipment or participating in a happening or a guided activity with us.

8- How can I make a booking or ask questions from Jongunjoen Matkailu?

The best way to ask questions or make bookings is to send us an email. We try to reply to all the enquiries on the same day. You can also call us. The best time to call us is between 9-15, Finnish time.

9- Can I buy your products from a webshop? 

Sometimes we offer accommodation on accommodation providers ’online platforms or through travel agents as packages in their online stores. Program services or equipment rental are not available online. We want to offer our customers a personalized service and ensure that we have the right services and equipment available to the customer.

10- During my stay I would like to rent a SUP board. Do I have to book it and pay it in advance? 

It is not necessary. But we have a limited amount of equipment. That is why we suggest to mention it when booking your accommodation, in order to ensure the availability.

11- Is it possible for you to dry our outdoor clothes and gear, wash, and dry our laundry?
Yes, small amounts. We have footwear and clothes dryers in the cottage and main house. Washing of small quantities of laundry is also possible at an additional cost.

12- What equipment do I need?

You can come to Jongunjoki to relax, rest, go outside or move actively.
In principle, you need clothes and good footwear that are suitable for the season and the activity you want to practice.

If you want (for example) to take part in a canoe trip, the trip/rental includes basic equipment such as life jackets, a waterproof container for your phone, a helmet, and a paddle.

You can also rent, for example, a daypack, a thermos, a camping stove, EA equipment, and other basic equipment for independent excursions.

13- Do I need travel insurance or other insurance?
We do not oblige customers to obtain insurance. We recommend travel insurance for all our customers, also cancellation insurance is wise to take. The customer can also reduce their own risk, for example, from damage caused by a pet with the right type of insurance.

14- Where can I find your terms and conditions?
We deliver the booking conditions of the accommodation in full as an email attachment at the time of booking. The customer receives the equipment rental conditions in connection with the equipment rental.

15-Why do you need a reservation in advance?
We want to serve our customers as well as possible. We have to scale staff, equipment and, for example, food purchases according to anticipated need, whether it was a single passenger or group. Typical order times for food in our area of ​​operation, for example, are 4-7 days. Sometimes we host private events, training sessions and group trips where clients want privacy. We cherish their privacy.

16-Can I reserve a full seat for my own party?
Yes. It is possible, these will be agreed on a case-by-case basis

17-Can I rent a cottage for parties?
Yes, with the following conditions; it is not possible to organize parties according to the terms of the cottage rental and the cottage rental agreement. The matter is agreed upon separately at the time of the booking.

18- I booked a room/cabin, what time can I come?
On the day of arrival you can arrive between 16-21. If you arrive later, please contact us so we can make an appointment after 9pm.

 19- want a room for two and eat one hot meal a day, what does it cost and what kind of food do you offer?

In a double room, breakfast and dinner the cost per person is about 80 € / day / person. When ordering a hot meal, we offer home-cooked food, fried lake fish and mashed potatoes, grated / salad and bread at an exemplary price, as well as juice or water and coffee or tea as a food drink.