Jongunjoen Matkailu is committed to follow the principles and values of sustainability and responsible travel.

This means not only respecting our natural environment and wildlife, but also its people and their local culture.

Some of our actions towards a more responsible and sustainable travel are:

-we are a small, family-run business which supports financially the local community, creating revenue streams for other local small entrepreneurs.

– we use in our kitchen as much as possible organic produced ingredients which we buy from local producers like fishermen, cattle breeders, farmers, etc. This way we support the local economy, and serve healthy and fresh food to our guests.

-we also produce in the summer season our own vegetables in a small scale. We collect and reuse rain water for watering the garden.

-with the help of local people, we get fish from the lakes and collect berries and mushrooms from the forest which guests will find in our traditional dishes.

-we warm up the property with renewable energy, or with low electricity consumption devices.

-we have installed water flow reducers in all water taps and showers.

-we recycle and compost our garbage (metal, glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, bottles, batteries, electrical appliances, textiles, etc) and encourage our guests to do so.

-we recycle building materials and furniture.

-we use energy saving lights.

-we offer our guests motion-based, non-motorized activities in the nature. We respect nature in all our activities and excursions. Our clean environment is our most important asset and we work to increase the appreciation for it.

-we raise awareness of the local flora and fauna and their relevance for the ecosystem

-we work with small groups or individuals, minimizing the impact on the environment, while maximizing safety and interaction with locals, offering a personalized service.

-our guest can arrive by public and green transportation all the way to Lieksa, the nearest train station. We collect our guests from the station if needed.

-we use environmentally friendly certificated and biodegradable chemicals and soaps for cleaning.

-we don´t offer individually packed small toiletries in the rooms and toilettes.

-waste water is treated ecologically

-we know and embrace local culture and traditions and live them like ours. We offer authentic programs, with link to Finnish culture, traditions and history.

-our accommodation and activities are safe and adapted to everyone, despite age, physical strength or disabilities.

-everyone can come to us, despite religion, sexual orientation, political views, etc.

-whether we need helping hands, we employ local people, from different backgrounds and cultures

-we collaborate with local non-profit social organizations and do voluntary work whenever is possible.

-we are members of BirdLife Suomi, to support scientific investigation and wellbeing of bird populations in Finland

-we voluntarily protect our own forest and dream about developing our own officially protected area.

-we are committed to improve and bring to our operations more green-energy solutions in the future.

-Jongunjoen Matkailu Oy is an honest and responsible company. Our products and marketing are honest and transparent.  We pay all the taxes and have all the official certificates Finnish laws require for our operations.

-we collaborate with other local travel business, associations, and municipalities, and participate in common projects, supporting economic growth and promoting our area as a sustainable travel area.

-we are part of the program STF Sustainable Travel Finland. Please take a look:



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