Our destination offers nature and cultural activities during the four seasons. Find your favorites from this list. Winter activities are located after all the summer activities. We are flexible and arrange programs as per our guest’s wishes. You don´t need to be active to come to us. It is as well fine to relax, enjoy the silence, contemplate the nature and the peace of the lake, take a short walk and a warm sauna afterward.
All the outdoor activities are well suited for all skill levels.

  • Hiking


    North Karelia is a paradise for hikers.  It offers thousand kilometres of hiking trails, which are unrivaled in their variety. Many of the trails have been in use for hundreds or even thousands of years – by Lapps following their reindeer […]

  • “Taiga” Forest walk
    3-4 hours

    “Taiga” Forest walk

    Find peace of mind and a refreshed feeling with this invigorating and relaxing walk in the forest. Take a break in a forest shelter, look for birds and wild animal´s foot prints…. In late summer or early autumn it is […]

  • “Bear´s path” Full Day Hike
    6 hours

    “Bear´s path” Full Day Hike

      A longer hike in the boreal forest along the “Bear´s Trail” (Karhunpolku). Experience in deep the atmosphere of the taiga forest, look for birds and animal footprints, cross hanging bridges over river rapids, walk duckboards over peat bogs and […]

  • Rowing


    Rowing in the lake is one of our guest´s favourite activity. It is relaxing and allows you to connect with the environment.  Leaving right from our beach, the lake Puuruunjärvi has a length of about 4 kilometers of  beautiful forest […]

  • “White nights” rowing excursion
    2 hours

    “White nights” rowing excursion

    Around midsummer time the nights never get dark…Get ready to experience the peace and silence of the white nights, only interrupted by the sounds of nature. Rowing your boat at midnight, when it is still daylight is an unforgettable experience. […]

  • Canoeing or kayaking

    Canoeing or kayaking

    Our area is exceptional for canoeing and the Jongunjoki wilderness river is one of the finest routes in Eastern Finland. In addition, there are other small and easy to canoe wilderness rivers in the area.  We are able to advise […]

  • Cycling + Rowing/ Canoeing Adventure
    6 hours Multiactivity

    Cycling + Rowing/ Canoeing Adventure

    This combined tour takes you first biking to the boats (or canoes) laying lakeside in the midst of nature. After a short break, we continue rowing or canoeing the peaceful lakes or rivers until reaching near Jongunjoen Matkailu from where […]

  • Biking


      Experienced mountain bikers will find a network of nature trails around us, specially along Karhunpolku, the bear´s path. For the ones looking for a not demanding biking route we con provide bycicles and helmets. There are many small sandy […]

  • Berries and mushrooms

    Berries and mushrooms

    Late summer and autumn are the best times to collect treasures from the forest. All around us grow delicious berries and mushrooms that you will be free to collect and take home. We can also prepare a delicious meal together […]

  • Sup boarding

    Sup boarding

    Sup boarding is a relaxing activity that everyone can try and learn at own pace. It doesn´t really feel like a work out. You can speed up, lay down, or discover in your own tempo while exploring your destination. Children […]

  • Birdwatching


    Unspoiled nature, clean air, and the peace of the countryside. Our area is scarcely populated, and it is easy to find a peaceful spot where you can hear nothing but the sounds of nature itself without any human disturbance. You […]

  • Wildlife watching

    Wildlife watching

    The Finnish eastern border is a land of enchanted wilderness. Spend the night in a safe hide in the forest, where you can watch and photograph animals such as bears, wolves, wolverines, and birds of prey in their natural environment. […]

  • Fishing


    Finland offers diverse opportunities for catching various species of fish.  Our area´s extensive waters are also pristine and full of beautiful scenery. Unlike crowded fishing sites around the world, here we have space and silence. Here you can fish in […]

  • Patvinsuo National Park

    Patvinsuo National Park

    Located about 60km from Jongunjoen Matkailu, the National Park is an interesting destination for hikers and birdwatchers. In the autumn the colors of the marshes are spectacular and there is an abundance of berries like the cranberries. There is about […]

  • Koli National Park

    Koli National Park

    Located 115km from Jongunjoen Matkailu by road (50km by boat over the lake Pielinen), Koli National Park is famous for its landscape, considered the national landscape of Finland. Koli hills and the beatiful views have inspired many famous artists and […]

  • Snowshoeing


    The forest is all yours. Snowshoes can take you almost anywhere and for as long as you wish. It is possible to do a short and easy walk or a demanding long walk over hills and crossing frozen lakes.  You […]

  • Cross-country back-country skiing

    Cross-country back-country skiing

    Go touring randomly in the forest without needed market trails with our cross-country back-country skis. We take you to interesting places and we have a stop by a fireplace in the wilderness to have a warm drink and get energy […]

  • Ice fishing

    Ice fishing

    Our guest can enjoy ice-fishing right on our frozen lake in the winter time. A session of ice-fishing could almost be counted as a sort of meditation. Whilst waiting patiently for something to happen your mind clears itself unexpectedly and […]

  • Winter birdwatching

    Winter birdwatching

    One of our favourites activities for relaxing is to take a refreshing walk in the winter mornings until our feeders in the forest, where many birds come to find food. Birds in winter are generally confident and it is possible […]

  • Aurora hunting

    Aurora hunting

    In our latitude the nights are dark between september and april. That means that it is possible to see the northern lights, if the weather allows it and if the solar activity is high. We can find together the best […]

  • Dog-sledding


    All year round you can visit s sled-dog kennel and get to know the daily routine of the farm, and its workers (two- and four-legged). In the winter safari season, you can try yourself how it feels to be a […]

  • Paateri chapel, Eva Ryynänen´s home and studio

    Paateri chapel, Eva Ryynänen´s home and studio

      A very special place to visit near Lieksa is the home and studio of the Finnish wood sculptress Eva Ryynänen, a place where art, nature and love connect deeply with each other. The museum is located in the farm […]

  • Pielinen Museum

    Pielinen Museum

    Pielinen Museum is located in Lieksa city. It is a must visit for the ones who wish to learn how Karelian people used to live in the past times. It is the largest museum in North Karelia and the second […]

  • “Rukajärventie” Historical road from the World War II

    “Rukajärventie” Historical road from the World War II

    Our peaceful surroundings have witnessed the conflicts between Finland and the Soviet Union during the Second World War. Rukajärvi Road is a historical war road in North Karelia. It relates to the stages of the Continuation War. The last battle […]


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