Suggested 4- day winter program and pricing according to the detailed program. Suitable for families with children,

Day 1: Pick-up transportation and/or arrival by own vehicle to Jongunjoki. Depending on arrival time and weather, after your check in we can take a short walk outside. We recommend “winter moon walk”, a magical short walk in a snowy forest, in the glow of the moon, with headlights or lanterns. We take a warm drink in the fresh air of the winter forest and return to the accommodation and enjoy dinner. After dinner, the opportunity for activities in the yard. In clear weather, enjoy the starry sky and possibly the northern lights!

Day 2: After breakfast it is good to head outside, in the morning it is a good time to try ice fishing from our own beach or on the ice. Alternatively, you can focus on hill sledding or other snow games. We make an open fire on the beach and enjoy a hot drink and lunch by the open fire. After that, there is a moment of your own time. In the afternoon, it is possible to take a short excursion on snowshoes, skis or walk on a snowmobile trail. For the hike, you need a warm jacket and pants, gloves and hat, and warm footwear. We choose the length and complexity of the route according to the wishes of the guest. Sauna and Dinner. After dinner, there is time for more activities in the yard. In clear weather, enjoy the starry sky and possibly the northern lights.

Day 3: After breakfast the program is open. Depending on the weather, it is possible to try different activities, sledding, observing nature, walking, snowshoeing or skiing, or for an additional fee to meet sled dogs and / or try sled dog rides. We arrange lunch according to the weather and the program, soup lunch indoors or outdoors depending on the program. In the afternoon, we move on to the heating of the outdoor hot tub and sauna, where we spend a few hours in the yard during the preparations. Prepare for a bath with a warm headgear that does not suffer from water splashes. Nordic bath and sauna. Supper. After dinner, there is still time for outdoor activities in the yard. In clear weather, enjoy the starry sky and possibly the northern lights.

Day 4: Breakfast. For early birds, self-guided walking on a marked trail or a visit our winter bird feeding. Packing and departure. Transfer to the airport or train station, a safe journey home for those traveling by car.

Price of the program € 1,100 includes cottage accommodation with linen for two adults and two children. The price includes breakfast, excursion / cooking lunches, dinners and program programs with equipment, except for transportation and sled dog meeting / ride. Dog appointments are subject to availability; 30 € / short dog meeting, short rides about 100 € / two children in the same sleigh from our yard for a sleigh ride. Does not include drinks, except water and juice, tea and coffee, passenger transportation, sled dog program.


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