The forest and waterways around us provide great variety of opportunities for outdoor recreation. Active nature lovers can go canoeing, rowing, fishing, swimming, hiking, mountain biking, bird-watching and picking their own wild berries and mushrooms, among other outdoor activities.

Peace-loving nature observers and photographers can spend a night in a wildlife observation cabin, watching wild brown bears and other wild animals in their own natural environment. 

In the winter time, enjoy cross-country skiing, a dogsledding tour day, ice fishing, or hiking with snowshoes.

In the dark evenings, relax or enjoy the starry northern sky without any background lights. In the winter time, if you are outside at the right evening and moment you can even spot the Aurora Borealis.

It is possible to provide equipment for self-guided activities and arrange excursions to our nearby attractions like Koli National Park, Ruunaa rapids or Paateri Atellier, among others.

Hunting areas can be found as near as just 400 meters away from our property.

If your favorite activity is not mentioned do not hesitate to ask us if it is possible to carry out.

Let us know about your wishes and we will make the necessary arrangements. Some activities may require a license or a permission.